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Tarquins Story

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 Welcome to Raven Haven,

We are currently unable to accept any more birds.

Raven Haven is the home of Tarquin's story; Tarquin is a very special Raven and the founder of Raven Haven, which is now a rescue home for Ravens and all the members of the Crow family and many other birds too.

We rescued Tarquin from a beach on the Dorset coast 21 years ago and since then he has fathered 23 Ravens, here is where you can read his story of success. We hope you will enjoy his story, which has many high points, and also some very low points. You can also read the stories about the introduction of his mate Tilly and his many offspring and also accounts of all the other birds that we have rescued over the years.

We have raised most of Tarquins young because of his very old age so consequently we have got to know the very special personalities of Ravens which we have decided to make public in the hope that it will help change their bad reputation. We feel that this is very important as ravens make a slow return to England. It is so important that they do not suffer the same persecution that has happened in the past. We want people to know that it is good to have Ravens in our midst and also all the other members of the Crow family too who do not have the same protection that Ravens enjoy, you can also read our accounts of these birds including Carrion Crows, Rooks, Jackdaws, and Magpies.

We hope that you enjoy their stories and that you realise how special these birds are that many take for granted.

Steve & Shelley Burns

   Steve & Shelley Burns 2007

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